Cannabis is now “out there.” Kids will think it’s weird there was ever a time when pot was illegal, as we do alcohol. I know this isn’t confidence inspiring, as we see how teens/young adults treat alcohol however there is hope. That’s why this page exists. Now that prohibition has ended we have another legal drug on our hands. We must arm ourselves with facts and stats instead of feelings and opinions. We can make cannabis so “”mundane and run of the mill” that we mitigate the effects of society’s message that pot = rebellious/fun/enticing magic.
As parents we’re expected to know everything. Obviously we can’t but now that cannabis is out there you should know the basics.

There are risks to being a rational use cannabis household. Since cannabis is still federally illegal one is not allowed to own fire arms and have a cannabis card. Fostering children may be more difficult, though in California it seems to not be as big a deal. You may be seen as “permissive” or “irresponsible” by other parents. THAT IS THEIR OPINION. You are allowed to find facts and make decisions according to what is best for you and your family. Dealing with the stigma and stereotypes will be hard. Finding accurate information will be hard (hopefully that changes soon) but worth it because as an informed parent you have the power to change the world.

Cannabis can promote increased relaxation in an individual which in turn can reduce tension in a family. Learning and modeling fact based thinking presents a great opportunity to teach children critical thinking and instill a love of learning. If children and teens can grow up in an honest open household they learn to be open and honest in the world (hopefully!) yet they are still their own people who are going to make their own decisions so we do the best we can in areas we can.

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