Altruism, Shawshank and Grape Ape

              One evening I come home from my day job to find I have the house to myself. This is a pleasant surprise,as it is my only day off the next day so starting off my “weekend” in a quiet house with nothing in particular to do was nice. I decide to indulge in some Grape Ape concentrate that I recently acquired. Being a nerd, I find it really soothing and satisfying to take my time and clean my dab rig as part of my smoking process. As part of my smoking process I also like to slow down and look at my concentrate under bright light, smell it in the container (unless it’s silicone then I’ll smell the individual dab I’m taking), and take two half-sized dabs so I can play with the temperature, which in turn effects the taste of the concentrate.

          Grape Ape is one of my favorite indicas ever. The buds are a deep purple and smell like grape. The dominant terpene is linaool which is found in other plants such as lavender, basil, and hops. These terpenes assist in the relaxing effect that THC and CBD have in the body and mind. Plus, it’s really good if you need to get the munchies :-)For me it gives a warm, fuzzy feeling and reminds me it’s ok to enjoy the moment but it doesn’t put me to sleep.

              After I finish my delicious dab I go to the kitchen and grab a snack in order to prepare to make the dreaded choice: what to watch on Netflix before bed! Eventually I settle on the Shawshank Redemption, one of my favorite movies of all time. As I’m watching this movie it occurs to me: Making the best of a bad situation is what got Andy out. Giving good advice to a fellow human being (in spite of [justifiably] hating him)triggered the events that led to his escape. One good action led to a reccomendation and snowballed into various opportunities. Red says Andy “did it to feel normal.” and that’s true. Andy stayed true to himself even when it meant other inmates thinking he “think [his] shit smell sweeter than most.” He found his group of friends and kept pursuing his goal of helping people. Yes, it was because “prison time is slow time” and he “needed a new project” but it was more altruistic than most actions.


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