The Truth About Anxiety

“Anxiety is like a toddler: it won’t stop talking, always tells you you’re wrong and wakes you up at 3AM.”

I came across this quote somewhere on the internet and it resonated with me. Funny but true, right? Here’s the odd thing though: most people would prefer to deal with a toddler than their own anxiety. Why is that? Short (and one of many)answer: Toddlers are less scary because they are manageable. Whether through incentives,or consequences kids can learn. This is a familiar concept to us. Due to the epidemic of silence surrounding mental health, anxiety has come to be seen as a sign of weakness.
Here is the truth: EVERYONE has some degree of anxiety in their lives.

A little anxiety is normal and can be adaptive. It may motivate us to work a little harder or warn us of impending danger. It’s how our ancestors survived. Problematic anxiety makes problems where there are none,sees threats in safe places and is generally a pain in the ass. Read that last sentence again except this time, replace the word Anxiety with your friends name. Would you let that person control your life? No? Then don’t let anxiety control your life.

When anxiety starts to negatively affect multiple areas of one’s life one must find a way to manage it. Everyone has a different approach when it comes to dealing with anxiety but one thing is universally true: The more tools at your disposal the better you’ll be able to manage the symptoms of anxiety (you know: the racing thoughts,obsessing over past mistakes, worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened, etc.).

Cannabis is just one tool at your disposal. Other tools include: meditation, thought stopping, going for a run, psychotropic medication,therapy, making art, talking to a friend, writing in a journal and so much more. Pick one, practice it, be patient with yourself. One tool not working? Try another. You wouldn’t try to paint a rainbow with only one color would you?


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