Redefining weed culture

I went to a Cheech and Chong show some years ago and they were funny as hell. One of the jokes went something like “Weed is one of the few drugs I can think of where, when someone passes you some your first instinct is to give it away when you’re done taking your hit.” ¬† This is exactly what I love about weed culture. The term may be off putting to some, and I agree, it does generally does connote a less than desirable image. However, it’s a succinct way for me to describe what I feel is an aura of general positivity,acceptance, and generosity of stoners.

The stoner circle is a stereotypical image for a reason. Think about all the stoner circles on screen: they’re filled with relaxed, happy people,enjoying time together. We relish the chance to hang out with friends in a comfortable,non-judgemental environment. There’s opportunity to socialize but it is not a requirement of the stoner circle. There are no requirements in the stoner circle. This is my weed culture.

As Dave Chappelle noted in Half Baked¬† “everybody has their own little ritual when it comes to smokin'”. For me, these rituals are a great example of how, in weed culture, we have a sense of community that unites us and are still accepted for our own uniqueness. Yes, there may be playful teasing about differences in rituals but there’s no rejection based on your preferences. This is my weed culture.

I view it as my duty,as a conscientious stoner, to let those outside the weed culture know:Stoners are productive people. Stoners are kind people. Stoners are normal people, not a stereotype.