Altruism, Shawshank and Grape Ape

              One evening I come home from my day job to find I have the house to myself. This is a pleasant surprise,as it is my only day off the next day so starting off my “weekend” in a quiet house with nothing in particular to do was nice. I decide to indulge in some Grape Ape concentrate that I recently acquired. Being a nerd, I find it really soothing and satisfying to take my time and clean my dab rig as part of my smoking process. As part of my smoking process I also like to slow down and look at my concentrate under bright light, smell it in the container (unless it’s silicone then I’ll smell the individual dab I’m taking), and take two half-sized dabs so I can play with the temperature, which in turn effects the taste of the concentrate.

          Grape Ape is one of my favorite indicas ever. The buds are a deep purple and smell like grape. The dominant terpene is linaool which is found in other plants such as lavender, basil, and hops. These terpenes assist in the relaxing effect that THC and CBD have in the body and mind. Plus, it’s really good if you need to get the munchies :-)For me it gives a warm, fuzzy feeling and reminds me it’s ok to enjoy the moment but it doesn’t put me to sleep.

              After I finish my delicious dab I go to the kitchen and grab a snack in order to prepare to make the dreaded choice: what to watch on Netflix before bed! Eventually I settle on the Shawshank Redemption, one of my favorite movies of all time. As I’m watching this movie it occurs to me: Making the best of a bad situation is what got Andy out. Giving good advice to a fellow human being (in spite of [justifiably] hating him)triggered the events that led to his escape. One good action led to a reccomendation and snowballed into various opportunities. Red says Andy “did it to feel normal.” and that’s true. Andy stayed true to himself even when it meant other inmates thinking he “think [his] shit smell sweeter than most.” He found his group of friends and kept pursuing his goal of helping people. Yes, it was because “prison time is slow time” and he “needed a new project” but it was more altruistic than most actions.


Life Lessons from the Golden Girls

          I recently gave in a purchase a subscription to Hulu in order to satisfy my How I Met Your Mother  cravings. One of the unexpected upsides of this is that I now have access to all episodes of the Golden Girls. I remember watching it as a kid/tween and thinking it was a funny show about people’s grandmas and nothing more. I was facsinated because I was seeing older people on TV and this was my only exposure to “old people” since most of my grandparents died when I was too young to have clear memories of them. When I was a teen I was able to appreciate to refreshing wit and (sometimes) wisdom of the ladies.

           When I started re-watching it I fully expected to enjoy this cheesy 80’s sitcom about some older women, I did NOT expect to be hit with ALL THE FEELINGS. When they refer to themselves as old I can’t help but think “they’re about my mom’s age, that’s not old!!!” and then I realize exactly what phase of life I’m in. It’s odd how you can know exactly where you are in life and yet be completely surprised at the passage of time. This is one of the things I love about cannabis. It helps me stay grounded and in the moment (though the moment may be momentarily interrupted by fleeting thoughts or a fit of giggles) which is something I can forget to do because I am “so very busy.*”

            Another thing that crosses my mind as I watch this amazing show is the fact that I can’t think of another show that paints a picture of women so truthfully. I’m half way through the first season and they’ve already addressed: predatory sales practices, dating, losing a parent, sex after losing a spouse, sibling rivalry, sexual harassment and so many topics that rarely get addressed in mainstream media let alone, in relation to the lives of older women. I love that this show exists and tackles these topics. I feel like everyone should be made to watch this as part of a social competence/learn about life/elementary education.

*Oldest excuse in the book for not engaging in self- care translate to: I don’t make enough time to properly take care of myself. 🙂


Cannabis and Sex

           This weekend I attended the New West Summit conference in Oakland. (Shout out to Minorities for Medical Marijuana for providing a networking event and free passes to the conference.) They had many interesting panels related to the social media, technology and the future of the cannabis industry. One of the panels that intrigued me the most was titled “Weed and the Joy of Sex.” This panel focused on different topicals, edibles and tinctures that have been formulated to address intimacy issues. One of the panelists, was going to describe the reason she used medicated products daily and she paused and said “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this,” smiled, let out a nervous giggle and said “when my vagina is happy I’m happy.” The audience burst into applause amidst some chuckles.

            Here was a woman whose job is rooted in sex and drugs, and she is uncomfortable saying the word vagina.  If a person who has that much exposure to talking about sex doesn’t feel comfortable, how is the average woman suppose to feel comfortable? I’ll tell you how. START TALKING! Talk to your close friends about your period, use science, terms, slang, foreign language words… whatever you feel comfortable using…JUST START TALKING. We need to be familiar with all human body parts and functions.  Genitals are a body part the same as a foot. Some people have vaginas, others don’t.  Women have been shamed for so long about natural processes and pieces that make up their bodies it’s no wonder we hesitate,even in the safest of places, to talk about what happens to our bodies and how it effects our mood. It’s ridiculous.




I’ve been thinking about my dog a lot lately.  She was a Terrier mutt that lived to be 17 years old. We got her for Christmas 1998. Santa delivered her to us in an Avon box, which she cleverly escaped in order to crawl under the screen door in her rush to meet us. Cliche as it sounds: It was love at first sight. Even my mom, who wasn’t fond of dogs, fell in love.  She was a traveling dog. She loved taking road trips with us, even if those trips were just to the corner store and back. She was fiercely loyal to us but didn’t like other dogs for anything.  Her favorite food in the whole world was apples. I remember the day she discover the apples that our tiny apply tree dropped. I was walking by my parents room and hear a growl so I go back to see why Ginger is growling and it turns out she’s munching on a half ripe apple from the tree. I laugh to myself and tell her “I don’t want your stinky apple anyway” before continuing my journey. I used to talk to her all the time. Anyone who owns a pet knows what I mean.
We connect with our pets so much and we want the best for them their whole lives but this seems to change when they get ill or old. We start worrying about losing them and want to keep them alive,sometimes at the expense of our pets comfort/dignity. We get so attached to our pets. They’re good listeners, good cuddlers, never judge you and are always down to hang out, OF COURSE we want them around for as long as possible; our attachment to them can get in the way of putting their comfort first.

There’s this product called Vet CBD that I wish had existed years ago when Ginger was about 16. I’ve had no fewer than 10 different people attest to the wonders the tincture has on their pets. Some pets had arthritis, some pets were going on trip and were anxious and some had tumors. In each case the presenting problems reduced within 3 days of starting the CBD oil. My favorite story however comes from a patient who came in looking really sad because because his  “buddy for 15 years” was on her last leg and he was contemplating putting her down. He decided to give Vet CBD a shot because he had heard me talk about it before. Three days later he comes in with the biggest grin on his face and says his buddy is acting “like they’re 10 years younger” and that he can’t believe what a miracle CBD is.

Friendships, Offspring and Realization

I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across an article titled “Why Do We Murder the Beautiful Friendship of Boys?”  Now, I’ve been interested in gender issues ever since the first time my mom told me I couldn’t do something because “that’s for boys.”  As much as I railed against traditional gender norms for girls I totally bought into those for boys until embarrassingly late in my life.  I mean yes, it did piss me off that boys seemed to be socially and emotionally inept but it never occurred to me that ,  some males didn’t want to conform to these roles. Honestly, this was probably because I had never met a guy  who showed an (even mild) interest in learning to listen and communicate. I do not mean in romantic relationship either. In truth most of my friend group has always been pretty mixed so the majority of  my interactions with guys was platonic, so you could say I got to see them “in their natural state” (yes, I’ve been a nerd forever too :-D).
Anyway, this article describes how loneliness is a genuinely life threatening problem for men in the U.S. It talks about factors that lead to this such as traditional gender roles, the hatred toward anything feminine/female in “real” men, limited range of feelings, etc. and goes on to point out that as boys age they tend to lose the people they consider best friends. For some it’s because they “drift apart”, others don’t want to be seen as “weird” or “gay.”  Which brings up yet another factor that goes into destroying close male/male relationships: homophobia. Boys who are gender non-conforming are automatically seen as gay.  And of course we live in a heternormative, patriarchal society and no one wants to be seen as less than if they can help it.
In my last post I wrote about how important community is for individuals. I think one of the greatest things the internet can be used for is building community. Meet-up and other sites encourage people with similar interests or from similar walks of life to get together and enjoy each others company. Humans are naturally social creatures and do poorly when isolated from others. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of my favorite things about cannabis is that it is a social drug. We WANT to share our joy with others, we WANT to have buddies to pass the joint, even so some people still struggle with how to get past being buddies to form deeper relationships. This is not limited to just males, females and others may have problems forming these deeper relationships for various emotional/psychic/physical reasons.
So how does one form deeper bonds or reconnect with former friends?   ***Warning: Cliche ahead* It varies from person to person. One thing IS essential though: open, honest communication. Usually, people learn this from their family of origin. As we all know this is not the case for a lot of people. Even people who are determine to raise their child with the most open mind have struggles with unlearning behaviors and ideas that have been ingrained in society for centuries. Talking about feelings and thoughts is hard because we fear we will be made fun of for feeling and thinking, in other words, merely existing. It’s no wonder people have trouble with communication.


                      A theme that has been coming up a lot in my life lately is community. A lot of people have approached in my both professional and personal capacities and spoken of their desire to engage more fully with the world around them. It may be that they have a hobby that they want to get back into, a brand new endeavor that has always interested them, or a friend they want to reconnect with because “we had the best adventures”, but whatever the reason one thing is universal: humans are curious. No matter what the endeavor I always remind people to start with other people. Simply talking to others about your desires and interests might lead to an unforeseen opportunity. At the very least one can gain copious amounts of knowledge from seeking out the community in which they can foster a passion.
                      Socializing is hard for a lot of people. This is understandable given the various pressures that come from a society that values “fitting in” and the consequent felling of inadequacy/anxiety when one doesn’t or chooses not to blend in with the crowd. However, when one finds a community based around a passion for something, learning and sharing new ideas around said interest it can be a way to “ease in” to socializing because one already “fits in” in at least one way. Finding community can be transformative for many because it it is the first time they are surrounded by like minded people and guess what? It feels AMAZING to belong to a group as passionate about an interest as one is. One such group I recently joined was the East Bay Canna Community I consistently attend their First Friday Meetings on Lake Merritt and have found a tight knight group of activist that I could not be happier to know.


              Yesterday, I had a conversation with my neighbor about play. He told me about how he and another mutual friend were walking to lunch and decide they would  reach their destination by walking on the shaded areas only. I lamented the fact that more adults do not engage in spontaneous play and shared with him the fact that kids learn through play. He answered with “but it’s so fun!” and wondered aloud why adults don’t play more. I ventured that, as adults, it seems like we have forgotten the innocent joy of play time.  We have redefined “play time” as something unproductive,useless even, and so we hardly ever engage in it unless we have an excuse (a child visiting, vacation,etc.). I also think that we, as a society, treat children as less than. Engaging in any behavior that seems “childish” automatically gives one a second class status. Children have no power, therefore we must refrain from behaviors that make us look like children.


              For some people, engaging in play is as natural as breathing, for others not so much. Regardless of your natural disposition, one should make time and space for play. It doesn’t have to be down-home-rough-and-tumble-in-the-dirt play either. It can be board games, coloring, making up a story, pretty much anything one can think of that engages creativity and promotes relaxation. Indica strains tend to have more of a body relaxation effect, which in turn can reduce the amount of stress one feels at the end of a long work day, thus reducing two barriers to play. Indica dominant hybrids can also contain the right amount of sativa-induced creativity for a fun play session. Sativa strains are my go to for fun-enhancement. I love playing while I am engaged in it but it can be difficult to motivate myself. Sativas allow me to get out of my own head and just DO. It’s that little push I need to get out the door and play the shadow game or see if I can jump rope 20 times in a row (FYI the answer is no) or walk across the street and see if my neighbors want to play board games. We all could benefit from a little more play in our lives and I encourage you all to find your passion and play!


I was on my way home today when I started to think about how many different creative endeavors I have attempted and not kept up. I almost started on a negative self-talk trip about how it’s because I’m lazy, not talented enough, not disciplined enough etc. but luckily I was able to practice some thought stopping techniques, take a breath and re-frame my thoughts. I then started thinking about how I’m always waiting to be inspired before doing something and how this might have contributed to my lack of follow through. The fact that I was able to successfully able to stop the negative self-talk was delightfully surprising.

There are a lot of factors that have contributed to being able to successfully use coping skills I know I have. One of those factors was that I had recently medicated with Eel River Organics Nectar pen. They’re my favorite cartridge because it’s the only cartridge I’ve found that feels like taking a  dab. This is partly because they are 100% nug run, meaning they do not use trim to make their extracts just buds, and partly because they have a higher CBD content than most THC dominant cartridges I’ve seen.  I was vaping a White Widow which allowed my body to relax and my mind to be calm. White Widow is a very balanced hybrid (for me) that helps with both physical and emotional symptoms. The higher CBD count in the Nectar pen increases the feeling of calm without impairing my judgement. It’s great. I feel so lucky I am in a state where I have access to this means of anxiety management. I have found something that works for me, something that not only allows me to function semi-normally but I’ve found something that truly speaks to my soul. I am eager to share information, learn everything I can and just spread the word to others because that is how we will change the world.

Music, Marijuana and Mirth

I was sitting and listening to Green Day’s “When I Come Around” and was blasted back to high school. I was filled with a sense of nostalgia and happiness, remembering how I listened to Dookie, Nimrod, and Insomniac on repeat, occasionally switching out to Led Zeppelin or the White Stripes. Those albums, full of memories and music were amazing stone cold sober. For me, one of the most beneficial aspects of marijuana is the amplification of feelings. I feel things very deeply in general so one would not think I would welcome an increase in intensity but with the right sativa it’s different. With the right sativa, my brain will attach itself to the positive feelings/memories.

Sativas are known for increasing euphoria,energy and creativity. On the flip side, if one has too much sativa one might experience paranoia and increased anxiety. It’s a trial and error process to figure out which strains work for you. If you’re just starting out, I suggest picking one symptom you want to reduce and picking strains that target that symptom. When I first started I wanted “something to make me laugh” and that’s exactly what I told the budtender at my first dispensary. Luckily, the person guided me in the right direction and thus began my love affair with Blue Dream.

I’ve come a long way since entering my first dispensary. I’ve learned to be more goofy and relaxed when not medicated but it was Blue Dream that showed me what that felt like and gave me a goal to aim for. Friends, board games, music and good food have also helped in furthering this ability.